Plant-based meat to be worth $29 billion by 2031

Source: Otautahi – The global plant-based meat market will be worth over $29 billion by 2031 as the world’s meat industry is unsustainable. It is...

Blockchain a key to sustainable NZ green tech economy

Source: Ōtautahi – Blockchain is fast growing into a mature technology that is touching many parts of the global economy, but still fresh to New...

New technology to help raise the number of kiwis in NZ

Source: Christchurch – New Zealand is home to more than 230 native bird species which aren’t found anywhere else in the world. With one in...

Part-time Kiwi launching world female ranger day  

Source: Otautahi – An international elephant saving organisation led by a part-time Kiwi is launching the first world female ranger day to help stop...
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