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Source: Taxpayers Union

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is slamming the New Zealand Transport Authority for public comments that it plans to remove signs installed by members and supporters of the Taxpayers’ Union at the Te Hemo Gorge roundabout highlighting the cost of the site’s new $743,000 sculpture.Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “NZTA claim to be concerned about drivers’ focus on the road, but they’re the ones who just installed a 12-metre artwork in the centre of a busy roundabout. You couldn’t get more of a distraction than that! And of course, this is the same agency that used public money on political ‘be kind’ messaging on their signage throughout 2020.” “Let’s call this for what it is: NZTA is objecting to our educational signage because we’re highlighting their own outrageous waste of public money and budget blowout.” “The signs fit within the NZTA’s definition of ‘advisory’ signage, and we’re confident our signs are no more of a safety risk than NZTA’s own signage and artworks. And based on the toots of support as motorists passed our volunteers, the exposure of wasteful spending is appreciated.” “Despite mouthing off to the media, NZTA still hasn’t contacted us to let us know what rules they think have been broken and where they would prefer the signs to be located. We contacted NZTA’s media people. They told us that our sign has a ‘distracting message’, while NZTA’s ‘Be Kind’ ones were not distracting. We can see no reference to this distinction in the law or regulations.” “If NZTA officials interfere with the signs, it will only prove how defensive and afraid of criticism and transparency they are. New Zealanders have a fine tradition of prodding the authorities with roadside signs. If NZTA think they have a monopoly on signage, we’ll happily challenge that view in Court.” The sign, and other efforts highlighting government waste and inefficacy, was made possible by thousands of New Zealanders who donate that