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SHANGHAI, CHINA – EQS Newswire – 6 June 2024 – Recently, the Arawana Overseas Distributor Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, and made a debut at THAIFEX 2024. In 2018, Arawana rice bran oil ventured overseas on its own and entered the Japanese market, marking the beginning of its overseas expansion. Five years later, distributors from the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Macau(China), gathered to discuss the grand plans for Arawana’s overseas development and to appreciate the blueprint for its future growth.

Growth Acceleration: Faster Growth “Recognized by Partners”

From 63 SKUs in 2020 to 250 in 2023, Arawana’s overseas sales have achieved rapid growth.

Behind this high growth is the side-by-side progress of Arawana and its partners, as well as the partners’ recognition of Arawana. Moreover, China’s complete industrial chain and Wilmar International’s global layout have given Arawana an “accelerated” pace in its overseas expansion. Arawana has already exported to 24 countries and regions including North America, Australia, and Africa, gradually achieving global market coverage.

As Ms. Zhao Hongmei, the director of Consumer Pack Business Unit of Yihai Kerry Foodstuffs Marketing Co., Ltd., said, Arawana’s overseas expansion is an inevitable development. In China, millions of households households choose Arawana every year. Under the escort of Wilmar International, the future growth of Arawana’s overseas business is promising.

Category Acceleration: More Products “Needed by the World”

During the three years of global supply chain tension, Arawana’s rice, oil, and seasoning series have become the “life-saving straw” for overseas Chinese. Chinese businessmen from all over the world have called or visited Arawana seeking cooperation.

From Arawana’s initiative to go overseas to distributors coming to the door actively, Arawana continues to meet the needs of overseas users with category innovation.

Arawana has developed new quality life products such as Thai Hom Mali rice and Vietnamese sushi rice, which are exported from Thailand and Vietnam to Europe and America. The popular Arawana noodles in China have been exported to over 10 countries and regions. Shanxi vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, and other condiments have also appeared on the dining tables of African and Middle Eastern people.

Arawana is “needed by the world”. Wang Gang from OCM Group in the United States said that the Arawana Sanam Luang rice sold by OCM in the United States is rapidly developing from the Chinese circle to the mainstream American market because of “need”. This need is people’s need for Chinese food and culture, and the charm of Chinese food has become a catalyst for Westerners to put down bread and try rice.

Market Acceleration: Larger Market “Expected by Users”

From “good quality” to “delicious”, Arawana does not disappoint the expectations of global users. Arawana “replicated” Chinese quality to the world, making Chinese products exported overseas no longer need to be “customized”. In Europe, Arawana rice bran oil won the “Super Taste Award”, making the “Oriental flavor” fragrant in Europe.

Mr. Zhang Bo, the person in charge of Arawana’s overseas sales department, said that up to now, Arawana has ushered in more and greater expectations, including the win-win expected by partners and the glorious moment of Chinese food expected by the people. Arawana is willing to work with global partners to break through Chinese businessmen and enter the mainstream overseas market, allowing more people to enjoy the deliciousness brought by Arawana.

8000 Chinese supermarkets, 600,000 Chinese restaurants, 800 Costco, 870 Sam’s Club, 10000 Walmart… The overseas growth space of Arawana is full of imagination.

Wilmar International Group and Yihai Kerry Arawana are actively seeking overseas distributors.

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