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Source: Auckland Council

Mayor Phil Goff is calling on Aucklanders to stay home, stay local and save lives this Easter.

“I love Easter,” he says. “For many in our community it has a special religious significance. And for all of us, normally, it’s the last decent break with good weather and a chance to have a holiday before winter sets in. We like to go to the beach, go tramping, congregate with family, visit the bach and generally enjoy the opportunities that Easter brings.

“But this year, in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, it’s really important that we all stay home and stay local to break the chain of transmission and save lives.”

The guidelines about physical distancing and staying local remain in place as week three of lockdown begins this Thursday. Aucklanders with baches should avoid the temptation to travel this weekend and instead remain at home. This ensures added strain isn’t placed on essential services and infrastructure in small communities and that government advice around travel is followed.

Playgrounds, skate parks, public BBQs, tennis and basketball courts remain off limits, with the government’s revised Health Notice also placing fishing, swimming, surfing, hunting and tramping on the list of banned activities at alert level 4.

“Staying at home is not just the right thing to do. It’s also the law, and it will be enforced,” Mayor Goff says.

“Police will be setting up checkpoints to ensure that people on the roads over Easter are travelling for legitimate purposes, and fines will be imposed on anyone deliberately flouting the rules.

“I absolutely understand that after two weeks of lockdown, people are starting to get cabin fever and are missing the company of friends and family. But if we get this right, we can defeat COVID-19 without the dreadful loss of life and overwhelming of the health system that has happened overseas—and then move on in much better shape than many other countries.

“Enjoy Easter, but please do it at home and don’t take actions that could jeopardise the lives and wellbeing of people near and dear to you. Together we can get through this crisis and get back to enjoying all the things we usually do.”

Auckland Emergency Management Group Controller Kate Crawford says Aucklanders need to stay vigilant and stay in their bubble. “It’s really disappointing to see people flouting the rules by playing basketball in groups, taking their canoes out on the water and travelling outside of their area for recreational activities. The advice on all of these activities has been really clear – don’t do it. Lives are literally put at risk every time someone chooses to ignore the level 4 restrictions.”

Staying at home this Easter doesn’t mean being bored. We’ve got lots of ways to help you and your bubble keep moving, connecting and learning through There lots to do, explore and enjoy, including kids activities from our libraries and Auckland Zoo, home workouts, virtual visits to our museums and galleries and much, much more.