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Source: Federated Farmers

On the opening morning of Fieldays, Federated Farmers have launched a petition putting pressure on the Government to announce an independent inquiry into rural banking.
“Concerns about rural banking are keeping farmers up at night, so we want to put the issue up in lights this Fieldays,” says Federated Farmers spokesperson Richard McIntyre.
“By launching this petition, we’re showing politicians just how front of mind this issue really is for farmers at the moment. It’s the number-one issue.
“There will be plenty of politicians floating around Fieldays chasing the farming vote and I have no doubt banking will be on the agenda for discussion.”
McIntyre says Federated Farmers’ petition is a great way to involve grassroots farmers and allow their voices to be heard.
“I’ve had so many farming families reach out to me since we started banging the drum for a rural banking inquiry to tell me how much it means to them,” McIntyre says.
“Those farmers’ voices deserve to be heard, captured and presented to Parliament – and that’s exactly what Federated Farmers plan to do.”
McIntyre stressed he’s particularly keen to see a banking inquiry that looks specifically at rural banking issues and the impact they’re having on farmers and rural communities.
“Farmers have very specific banking challenges that they’re really struggling with, and we don’t want to see those issues buried beneath concerns about mortgages and personal banking”. You can sign the petition at