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Bryce Edwards’ Political Roundup: Minister fails to Czech facts

Dr Bryce Edwards.It’s looking like the Government has made an embarrassing stuff-up over the controversial decision to allow a Czech criminal to stay...

ANALYSIS: Lieutenant General Tim Keating’s Operation Burnham Account Highlights Key Legal Concerns

MIL Analysis+Reportage - EveningReport.NZBy Selwyn Manning – Editor of EveningReport.nz. This analysis was first published on Kiwipolitico.com. Selwyn Manning, editor EveningReport.nz.There’s an overlooked aspect...

Solomon Islands decision to rearm police sparks heated debate

MIL Analysis+Reportage - EveningReport.NZ Article by AsiaPacificReport.nz Solomon Islands police during weapons training. Image: Wansolwara News By...

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