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Source: Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa (PSNA)

PSNA has written to the government urging it to be pro-active in protecting aid workers in Gaza.

This week six international aid workers were killed by an Israeli Defence Force drone attack (three British, one Canadian, one Polish and one Australian)

“These killings were 100% predictable”, says PSNA National Chair John Minto. “If the government had spoken out condemning Israel for the prior killing of 196 Palestinian aid workers over the past few months Israel would not be continuing to target those providing humanitarian aid.”

“It’s our failure to hold Israel to account for its slaughter of Palestinians, including Palestinian aid workers, which is the reason for this latest tragedy”

“Our government has taken a blatantly pro-Israel/US stance on the war and has refused at any point to condemn any of Israel’s genocidal actions in Gaza – including the wholesale killing of Palestinian aid workers.

Anyone paying attention knows that Israel has been targeting aid workers and has killed hundreds in recent weeks. It is part of Israeli plans to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from Gaza.

“The most important thing New Zealand can do is use a clear moral voice to call out Israel’s war crimes and in this case Israel’s actions to create a human-induced famine for Palestinians”

John Minto
National Chair