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Source: Tesserent

We wanted to get in touch tonight given the breaking news that the third party involved in the Ticketmaster breach is Snowflake. This may have wide implications across entertainment and other sectors in Australia.  

The Australian Cyber Security Centre issued an alert earlier today regarding cyber threat activity targeting Snowflake customers.  

Mark Jones, a Senior Partner at Tesserent, a Thales Australia cybersecurity company is available for comment this weekend and early next week.  

Dr Ivano Bongiovanni, General Manager, AUSCERT, Australia’s first computer emergency response team’s (CERT), and one of the oldest CERTs in the world, is also available this weekend and early next week for comment.

Tesserent and AUSCERT warn all sectors that use Snowflake to be on heightened alert and act now to review all their third parties’ information risk management.

Mark stresses, “It’s important for organisations to protect sensitive information, safeguard intellectual property, maintain supply chain integrity, ensure compliance with regulations, and mitigate operational risks. Organisations should not only focus on internal controls, but also put a strong focus on managing their third-party suppliers and understand and assess the security risks they may pose,” Mark says.