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Source: Spectrum Foundation Group

Spectrum Foundation is a philanthropic funder that aims to address the inequality faced by disabled people in Aotearoa by breaking down barriers in five key areas – health, housing, education, employment and self-determination. Over the past two years, the Foundation has distributed more than $1m in funding to disability focused community organisations.
Spectrum Foundation also offers direct disability support and housing services to disabled people through its entities Spectrum Care and Homes of Choice,
“As part of the disability community ourselves, we know that there’s significant need for services that aren’t covered by government funding,” says Spectrum Foundation Chief Executive, Sean Stowers. “By funding other groups and initiatives that are already engaged in this work, we can help these organisations to have an even bigger impact.”
“Some of the programmes we’ve funded so far include free autism diagnosis assessments, legal services for disabled people, workshops to help parents advocate for their disabled child in mainstream schools, and employment training for young people with intellectual disabilities.”
Spectrum Foundation’s Director of Philanthropy and Impact, Fenella Humphreys, says the focus is on initiatives that will have the biggest impact on the lives of disabled people. One of the projects she’s most excited about is Gig Buddies Auckland, which aims to combat social isolation by matching disabled people with volunteers who share the same interests and passions.
Social isolation and loneliness can affect us all, but disabled people face additional barriers to social participation. They spend less time socialising, have fewer fri