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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Attribute to Superintendent Scott Fraser, Central District Commander:

Police acknowledge the findings of an Independent Police Conduct Authority report, which found a Police officer was justified in shooting at a man during a lengthy firearms incident in Stratford.

On the evening of Monday 27 March 2023, a man Police were seeking to arrest was involved in a pursuit in Stratford. During this time, the man discharged a firearm at Police, before abandoning his vehicle and being tracked to a nearby house.

“The man’s vehicle was successfully spiked multiple times after he failed to stop for Police, however he continued to flee.”

Soon after arriving at the house, the man was again seen to point a firearm at Police, and an officer then fired three shots.

The shots fired by Police missed the man, and Police continued to surround the house.

The man eventually surrendered to Police at 3pm the next day, around 14 hours after he first entered the house.

Police acknowledge the Authority’s finding that the decision to shoot was justified under the Crimes Act, as the officer was acting in defence of himself and others around him.

“This was a lengthy and demanding incident, where a firearm was both presented at Police and discharged. Our officers have to act in a way to protect not only themselves, but the public. Due to the duration of this incident, specialist staff from within the district as well as outside of the district were called to assist.”

“I am incredibly proud of their efforts, in a situation that lasted for a significant period of time, the responding staff did everything they could to reach a resolution without any harm. The decision to discharge a firearm is one that no Police officer ever wants to make.
This further shows how unpredictable these jobs can be, within a matter of time, lives can be at risk.”


Issued by the Police Media Centre