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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Some Whangārei motorists have received a fail result after Northland Police put a challenge to road users last week.

Northland Road Policing Manager, Inspector Anne-Marie Fitchett, asked motorists to consider their actions before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

More than 3,000 breath tests were conducted during an operation over the weekend, and Road Policing staff found some motorists clearly made poor driving choices.

“Our teams had checkpoints across Whangārei on both Friday and Saturday evening, 15 and 16 December, and we found there was significant room for improvement.

“Policing staff tested 3,043 drivers of vehicles across five different checkpoints on both evenings.”

Inspector Fitchett says 20 of those drivers were found to have consumed over the legal limit of alcohol before switching on their ignition. 

“Police don’t conduct checkpoints for fun. We are ensuring the safety of our communities to make sure everyone is getting home safely this Christmas.

“It is disappointing our staff still issued 33 infringement notices to drivers who were not complying with the law.

“Don’t be the reason your family, or someone else’s, doesn’t have their loved one home for the holidays.”

Police also issued infringements for four drivers who were found to be impaired by drugs and a further five who had previously been disqualified or suspended from driving.

Inspector Fitchett also wants to remind road users that if you make a poor driving choice – it’s on you.

“Elsewhere, outside of our planned checkpoints, Police pulled over an unrestrained driver to discover three children aged five and under were also unrestrained – most concerning was a two-year-old sitting in the front passenger seat with no seatbelt on.

“A three and a five-year-old were located in the back without seatbelts or child seats, which the driver told us she had at home but had chosen not to use,” Inspector Fitchett says.

“Police were met with frustration and some verbal abuse from the driver who also had her vehicle impounded.”

We are reminding those in the region, and down the country, Police will have no tolerance for those caught intoxicated or impacted by drugs while driving or riding on the road.

“Our teams will be following through with the appropriate enforcement action,” Inspector Fitchett says.

“Make it a night to remember – not a night to forget.”


Anna Thompson/NZ Police