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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Oral Questions and Answers

CHRISTOPHER LUXON to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all of her Government’s statements and actions?

RAWIRI WAITITI to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all her Government’s statements and policies?

BARBARA EDMONDS to the Minister of Finance: What are the Government’s priorities for Budget 2023?

Hon EUGENIE SAGE to the Minister for Oceans and Fisheries: Does he agree with the Minister of Conservation that New Zealand supports a global protection target of 30 percent of land and sea areas by 2030; if so, what progress, if any, has the Government made toward achieving this in the Hauraki Gulf/Tīkapa Moana since October 2020?

NICOLA WILLIS to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement that “every day of the week we look to see what savings and reprioritisations we can make”; if so, what specific savings or reprioritisations has he identified this week?

ANGELA ROBERTS to the Minister of Education: What support has the Government contributed to help schools to provide learning environments for their students that are warm, dry, and fit for purpose?

SIMON WATTS to the Minister of Local Government: Why did she not send the advice she received on 22 November relating to entrenchment of provisions of the Water Services Entities Bill to any other Ministers, and does she stand by all her statements on entrenchments?

ANGIE WARREN-CLARK to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What research has she seen on the impact of the Families Package five years after its introduction?

PENNY SIMMONDS to the Minister of Education: Is he confident Te Pūkenga is on track to achieve all of its objectives, and how much, if anything, has been spent to date on redundancy payments for senior executives?

JO LUXTON to the Minister of Immigration: What reports has he seen regarding migration to New Zealand?

KAREN CHHOUR to the Minister for Children: Does he stand by his statement that “when a child is identified or apprehended by Police for offending behaviour, information will be shared with Oranga Tamariki within 24 hours, with an agreed plan on how to deal with and support the young person confirmed in 48 hours”; if so, how does he expect this to be delivered while Oranga Tamariki faces more than 500 vacancies?

TANGI UTIKERE to the Associate Minister of Health: What progress has been made towards a smokefree New Zealand?

Answers to these questions are delivered from 2pm (New Zealand time) on the day of tabling. The answers can be accessed in text form, once Hansard is finalised, by clicking here.