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Source: iD Dunedin Fashion Week

Following a return to the Dunedin Railway Station in April, the iconic iD Dunedin Fashion Week has announced a change to a biennial format in a move designed to maximise its impact.

The next hallmark iD Dunedin Fashion Show at the Dunedin Railway Station will take place on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 April 2025.

Long regarded as a premier event for Dunedin, forward planning is essential to ensuring the ongoing success of the show. This has been recognised by the Dunedin City Council, which allocated iD a Premier Event Grant in July to help cover costs for the 2024 planning year.  

The decision will mean the iD International Emerging Designer Awards competition will also become a biennial event. It is the only international emerging designer fashion competition of its kind in Australasia, and one of the only events in the world that gives public audiences a rare view of emerging fashion on a global scale.

“We are always looking at ways of improving the iD offering, and we believe that a longer lead-in will enable us to produce a quality event for our followers that is bigger and better than before,” says Margo Barton, co-chair of iD.

“An event of this scale is very hard to pull together in 12 months, so the move to being a biennial event will give us more time to plan and secure funding, as well as market and communicate all the many activities that comprise iD Dunedin Fashion Week.  

 “We are proud of iD’s reputation and position on the fashion calendar, and the 2025 event will build on the work that has gone before.”

iD co-chair Sally McMillan adds: “This biennial approach is just the latest stage in the evolution of iD Fashion. The feedback we have received about this decision from designers, sponsors and guests alike has been really positive, and we are confident that this will help sustain our event for the years ahead.

“The iD Trust is grateful for the continued support of the Dunedin City Council and many other longstanding stakeholders.”

But iD supporters will not be left wanting in 2024. ID organisers are working with key stakeholders on plans for a range of events next year with a focus on sustainability in fashion.

While details are yet to be released, the co-chairs say: “Being at the cutting edge of fashion means having an eye to social issues as they impact on the industry. In 2024 we will be creating opportunities to share ideas about being more mindful about how we all design, purchase and wear fashion.”

This year the iD Dunedin Fashion Show featured 48 local, national and international designers showcasing their collections.  

A survey of the 2023 event estimated a total economic impact to the city of just over $10 million. Significantly, 40% of show attendees (2200) were from out of town and stayed an average of 2.4 bed nights.