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Source: Auckland Council

IMPORTANT UPDATE | Section of Milford to Takapuna Walkway is closed to public access

The Milford to Takapuna walkway is popular with the community and has always existed as an informal path. The walkway is not owned or managed by the council.

The track itself has complicated ownership with access extending over a formed and paved waterfront promenade, beach and lava rocks in the coastal marine area, a short section of legal road, paths on top of underground Watercare infrastructure, and across 72 private properties with boundaries at or below the tide line.

A property owner, who is entirely within their rights to do so, has requested several conditions in return for ongoing public access to the walkway. After a protracted period of negotiation, that is yet to be resolved, the owner has established a fence over their land to stop public access through their property.

Walkers can take a safe detour using Audrey Lane, Kitchener Road, Hurstmere Road and Minnehaha Avenue to return to the coastal walkway.

A petition presented to the council on 28 September contained 5,121 signatures, and confirmed community support for the walkway to continue to remain open along its full length.

The council is not able to guarantee the conditions requested by the property owner, which include removing a heritage listing from the property.

The Devonport-Takapuna Local Board and the council will consider reports which include the walkway issues this year.