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Source: Green Party

The Government has tonight adopted an amendment to the Integrity Sport and Recreation Bill at a crucial stage of the Parliamentary process that will ensure LGBTQI+ representation.

“The establishment of a new Integrity Sport and Recreation Commission will be key to ensuring that everyone who participates in sports and recreation in Aotearoa is protected and their wellbeing is looked after. Today, the Green Patty has made sure our rainbow community will be included in this,” says Green Party rainbow spokesperson Ricardo Menéndez March.

“The Green Party’s amendment, which was adopted in the committee stages of the bill, will ensure that the competencies and experiences of rainbow peoples are represented on the new board. This will ensure that the board makes informed decisions and takes the perspectives of rainbow peoples into consideration, especially when it comes to sport integrity and anti-doping issues. 

“The Green Party knows that it’s not enough for rainbow people to just be consulted on decisions, it is essential their experiences and expertise are actually represented on the board. 

“The Green Party will continue to ensure that all Rainbow and takatāpui people live with dignity, equality and respect,” says Ricardo Menéndez March.