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Source: Essential Media Communications

9 August 2023 – Essential has launched a new monthly poll tracking voting intention and public attitudes to political and social issues in New Zealand.

The Essential Report Aotearoa New Zealand will be published on the second Wednesday of every month at

Questions will be discussed with the Guardian. They will change from month to month and include emerging and topical issues.

New Zealand civil society organisations will can also check in with Kiwis by purchasing their own private questions in the poll.

“In our inaugural New Zealand poll, we’ve heard loud and clear that Kiwis think New Zealand is on the wrong track. While National are ahead, voters aren’t feeling great love for either Mr Luxon or Mr Hipkins,” Essential’s Managing Director Peter Stahel said.

“It’s clear that cost of living issues are biting hard. People across age groups, gender and geography are seeking policies to address the rising cost of living on groceries, housing and job security.

“Essential will seek to avoid fuelling the polling horse race, by publishing figures that represent voters who are unsure of their final vote. It is important to note that the seat projections are based on an assumption that these voters will either not vote, or vote in line with those who have already made up their mind.

While Essential is an Australian company, our Kiwi poll will be conducted by our Auckland-based researcher, who has over 20 years of experience conducting social research and political polling in New Zealand.

“We’ve been helping Australians keep their finger on the pulse through our Essential Report for over two decades. We’re thrilled to be extending this offering into New Zealand,” Mr Stahel said.

The Essential Report New Zealand will survey approximately 1,100 Kiwis every month, asking questions about everything from understanding of the big political announcements to awareness of pop culture trends.

“While we don’t expect our poll to get to the bottom of who can rightly claim ownership of pavlova, Russell Crowe or Quade Cooper, we do expect to have some fun with it along the way,” Mr Stahel said.

Read Peter Stahel’s analysis in the Guardian.