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Source: New Zealand Police (National News)

Please attribute to Detective Sergeant Tony Colby, Rotorua CIB:

Bay of Plenty Police investigating the 2002 attempted murder of Rotorua man Karl Anders Nyman are seeking others to come forward with any information they may have as to who was responsible for wanting Mr Nyman dead.

We have recommenced this investigation into the historic attempted murder. The main offender, Mr Warren Uata Kiwi, was convicted in 2019 but we know there are other persons involved who have never been charged.

Police enquiries over the years found, now 62-year-old, Tauranga man Warren Kiwi, charged with the attempted murder as a ‘gun for hire’ and he was imprisoned for nine years. He had been promised payment of an amount of cannabis to shoot Mr Nyman.

This is still a cold case as Police search for who was behind the attempted murder plan.

In the early hours of Wednesday, 31 July 2002, Mr Kiwi travelled to Rotorua and went to Aspen Place where Mr Nyman lived at the time and waited hidden outside Mr Nyman’s address.

At about 4:15am, Mr Nyman left his house and walked down his driveway towards his truck parked on the street. As he reached the footpath, a balaclava-clad Mr Kiwi approached him with a rifle.

A struggle ensued to gain control of the rifle, which resulted in Mr Nyman being shot in the arm, and injuring his knee after falling.  

Eventually Mr Nyman gained control of the rifle and Mr Kiwi ran away from the scene.

By the time Police arrived, Mr Nyman was found on the front lawn with injuries after the struggle.

The victim Mr Karl Nyman says, “life has never been the same since that morning in July of 2002 and will probably never be the same – but we have coped for 21 years as best we can.”

Police are not clear as to the reasons behind the attempted murder.

We need people to speak up and tell us what they know and who was involved.

“There are more people who have information, and maybe they saw or heard what happened but are reluctant to talk with us. 

This was a serious incident which nearly led to a man’s death. 

“We’re hoping new details and fresh information will help us get the answers we need to find who was behind the murder attempt.”

Anyone with information that may assist the investigation can contact Police via 105, referencing file number 020731/0985.

Information can also be provided anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111 or online via


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