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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Please attribute to Detective Inspector Warrick Adkin, Counties Manukau CIB:

Police acknowledge the sentencing of Tyson Brown in the Auckland High Court for the murder of 2-year-old Arapera Fia.

Children are amongst some of the most vulnerable people in our community, and we all have a duty of responsibility to them.

These investigations are never straightforward.

I would like to acknowledge Arapera’s extended whānau who assisted our investigation throughout.

The investigation team worked diligently to bring this matter to court and I acknowledge their professionalism in a challenging case.


  • Statement released on behalf of Malcolm Fia:

It has been a few months while we wait for the sentencing. Regardless of the outcome and circumstances, I am pleased justice is served and he is locked up so no other family have to endure this pain.
I speak for all my family and friends who are here and couldn’t be here with us today and say that this took a toll on us emotionally, physically and mentally. He has snatched away the life and memories we could’ve had with Arapera. But know that she will always be engraved in our memory.
For me this is now a healing experience. It has allowed me to let go of the anger and see the world differently. It didn’t bring my daughter / niece / granddaughter back but it did bring me back to a point where I can find forgiveness.
My family in Samoa and Australia, that have travelled far, as well as here in New Zealand, the Police, Victim Support, investigators, lawyers and friends have been amazing through it all.
Thank you to each and every one that has helped and supported to get justice for our angel baby Arapera. No words can describe and express how grateful I am with the support system behind me.
God bless you all.


Jarred Williamson/NZ Police