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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Attributable to Wellington Acting Detective Sergeant Corey Reid:

Wairarapa Police issued 56 infringements over Wedensday and Thursday last week, including 12 for not wearing seatbelts and 9 for using a cell phone while driving, and 35 for speeding.

949 vehicles were stopped over the operation.

Three drivers were also processed for drink driving with the highest alcohol reading being four times the legal limit.

Infringements were issued to the drivers. The use of mobile phones, not wearing a seatbelt, driving intoxicated and speeding are the main factors in serious crashes.

Police were generally pleased with the manner of driving but it’s still disappointing to have drivers in our community operating cars while intoxicated or not complying with the road rules.

Alcohol, Speeding and using your cell phones while driving can cause serious crashes that are avoidable. We will continue to target these drivers to ensure everyone on our roads are safe

Police are urging motorists to make the conscious choice to drive distraction-free. Put the phone away or pull over if you need to use it.

Driving distracted, Intoxicated or speeding puts yourself and other motorists at risk.

Restraints save lives, it’s that simple. Anyone who chooses not to wear a seatbelt significantly increases their risk of injury or death if they end up in a crash.

Police ask motorists to remain focused on the road and wear their seatbelts, to ensure they and others get to their destination safely, and if your drinking, don’t drive it’s that simple.

We will continue to target these unsafe driving behaviours as we do our bit to help keep New Zealanders moving safely along and through our road network.


Issued by Police Media Centre