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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Oral Questions and Answers

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Oral Questions – 29 September 2022

Originally published: 29 September 2022

Questions to Ministers
NICOLE McKEE to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all her Government’s statements and actions?

VANUSHI WALTERS to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What updates has she seen about people being supported into jobs in West Auckland?

NICOLA WILLIS to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by all of her Government’s statements and actions?

ARENA WILLIAMS to the Minister of Health: What reports has he seen on the consequences of increased funding provided to Pharmac and the review of Pharmac completed in February?

MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Broadcasting and Media: Does he stand by his statements regarding the Aotearoa New Zealand Public Media Bill, “We no longer have trust in national media” and “We need a trusted public broadcaster”?

JAN LOGIE to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Is she considering any new changes to Working for Families in order to meet her Government’s commitment to making “New Zealand the best place in the world to be a child”?

BARBARA EDMONDS to the Minister for Sport and Recreation: What recent funding announcements has he made in respect of the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

CHRIS PENK to the Minister of Justice: Does she stand by her statement in the House on 23 August 2022, in relation to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, that “I think that there have been a couple of referrals” when asked whether a case had been referred to a senior court; if not, why not?

RACHEL BROOKING to the Minister of Conservation: How has Jobs for Nature supported people into nature-based employment opportunities?

HARETE HIPANGO to the Minister for Children: Does he stand by his statement that criticism of the Government’s Oranga Tamariki polices are “noise”, and does he consider the views of State care survivors are noise?

IBRAHIM OMER to the Associate Minister of Education (School Operations): How is the Government supporting mental health and wellbeing in schools and kura?

PENNY SIMMONDS to the Minister of Education: What actions has Te Pūkenga taken that have resulted in its forecast 2022 operating deficit being revised down from $110 million to $63 million, and is he satisfied with the actions Te Pūkenga is taking to meet its financial objectives?

 Question to Member

Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH to the Member in charge of the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill: Did he support the extension of the report-back date for the Rotorua District Council (Representation Arrangements) Bill from 6 October 2022 to 28 February 2023; if so, why?

Answers to these questions are delivered from 2pm (New Zealand time) on the day of tabling. The answers can be accessed in text form, once Hansard is finalised, by clicking here.