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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Attributable to: Wellington Road Policing Manager, Matthew Fitzgerald.

Police in Wellington have processed 12 drivers for Excess Breath Alcohol over the weekend as part of an increased focus on drink driving, one of whom blew in excess of 1000 micrograms.

The limit for drivers over 20-years-old is 250 micrograms.

These are not the results we were expecting.

If you are going to be enjoying a few drinks, make sure you have a plan to get home or a sober driver to assist.

Alcohol and/or drugs are a factor in about a third of all fatal crashes.

This is a reminder that as a community we have a responsibility to ensure we drive safely at all times and do not take any unnecessary risks – getting behind the wheel after drinking is one of those risks not worth taking.

Drivers can expect to see more checkpoints around Wellington, so if you are stopped by Police, no matter what time of day or the reason, you can expect to be breath tested.

Our officers will be out in force anytime, anywhere to deter unsafe driving behaviour.

We are committed to ensuring that every road user arrives alive at their journey’s end and those who put others at risk will be found, prosecuted and held accountable.

The most important message Police want to convey is really simple: don’t risk your life and that of others by driving while impaired in any way.