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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Oral Questions and Answers

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Oral Questions – 2 August 2022

Originally published: 2 August 2022

Questions to Ministers

RICARDO MENÉNDEZ MARCH to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does she think that families in receipt of a benefit are facing cost of living pressures currently, exacerbating poverty?

NICOLA WILLIS to the Acting Prime Minister: Does he stand by all of his Government’s statements and actions?

ANAHILA KANONGATA’A-SUISUIKI to the Minister of Housing: What progress has the Government made on the delivery of public housing?

NICOLA WILLIS to the Minister of Revenue: Does he stand by his statement in relation to the number of ineligible people receiving the cost of living payment that “We’re not sure of the exact number, you don’t know what you don’t know”, and what is the analysis, if any, supporting his claim that about 1 percent of the approximately 2.1 million people who received the payment are not eligible for it?

GINNY ANDERSEN to the Minister of Police: What recent progress has been made on the implementation of firearms prohibition orders in New Zealand?

RAWIRI WAITITI to the Minister of Housing: Does she stand by all the Government’s statements and actions on housing?

BROOKE VAN VELDEN to the Acting Prime Minister: Does he stand by his Government’s statements and policies?

Dr GAURAV SHARMA to the Minister of Health: What recent announcements has he made on the future of the health workforce?

CHRIS BISHOP to the Minister of Housing: Does she stand by her statement, “What we don’t have is people living on the streets and in cars”, and how many children were included in the applications for people on the public housing register who were living in a car at the time they applied as at the quarter ending 30 June 2022?

INGRID LEARY to the Minister for the Environment: What reports has he received on the costs of consenting under the Resource Management Act?

Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH to the Minister of Justice: Does she stand by her statements to the House on 21 June that “equal voting rights are critically fundamental to New Zealand’s democracy”, and, in relation to the Canterbury Regional Council (Ngāi Tahu Representation) Bill, “we will be supporting that bill”?

ARENA WILLIAMS to the Minister of Immigration: What recent announcements has he made about opening New Zealand up to the world?

Answers to these questions are delivered from 2pm (New Zealand time) on the day of tabling. The answers can be accessed in text form, once Hansard is finalised, by clicking here.