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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Police accept the IPCA’s finding that an officer from the Canterbury District in Christchurch was justified in using force against a youth, referred to in the report as Mr Z, during his arrest.

On 7 November 2020 two officers attended a family harm incident between Mr Z and his former partner.

One officer enacted the arrest, while a second officer assisted. The second officer then stopped assisting in order to prevent others at the scene from intervening.

Mr Z resisted arrest and the officer used force to distract him. A third officer then arrived and helped to complete the arrest.

Mr Z continued to behave aggressively in the patrol car, assaulting the Police officer in the back seat with him, and continued to resist arrest at the Police station. Police had to continue to use force in self-defence, and to restrain and search him while in custody.

“It is unfortunate that police had to use force but this incident demonstrates the kind of aggressive behaviour that our officers face on the job every day,” Canterbury District Commander, Superintendent John Price says.

“I’m extremely proud of the officers involved and totally support their decision-making and actions. These officers demonstrated courage and restraint in dealing with a very serious family violence offender who had been ferocious toward his former partner, had previously threatened violence to Police, and was determined and focused on resisting arrest. His behaviour and actions were stopped and further violent actions prevented through the professional tactical response of the police officers, who secured and restored order.”


Issued by Police Media Centre