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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Southland Police recognise that as restrictions around COVID-19 ease, more people are wanting to get out and about in the community.

However, Police would like to remind people that if they are planning on having a few drinks, not to get behind the wheel.

Southland Police are working to actively target harm on our roads as part of the “Road to Zero” strategy and will be focusing on drink driving leading up to the Easter holiday period.

Southland Area Road Policing Manager acting Senior Sergeant Geoff Sutherland says “sensible decision making is what we are promoting. If you are going to be enjoying a few drinks then make sure you have a plan to get home or a sober driver to assist.”

A number of Police checkpoints have been operating in Southland over the past few months to deter high-risk driving behaviours, including driving while impaired by alcohol.

A large-scale checkpoint in Western Southland on Sunday saw over 700 vehicles stopped and a number of drink drivers processed. Throughout Southland around 15 drink drivers were apprehended over the weekend, with the highest reading being 927 micrograms of alcohol.

Drink driving significantly increases the risk of death or injury to drivers, passengers and everyone else on the road.

“This is a reminder that as a community we have a responsibility to ensure we drive safely at all times and do not take any unnecessary risks. Getting behind the wheel after drinking is one of those risks not worth taking.” acting Senior Sergeant Sutherland says.

People can expect that impairment checkpoints can pop up anywhere, anytime throughout the Southland area. Random stops and breath testing of motorists will also be in place to deter drink driving.

Police would also like to remind motorists to put down cell phones, wear and a seatbelt, and drive to the speed limit and focus on getting to their destination safely.


Issued by Police Media Centre