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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Safe Travel

  • Reviewed: 14 December 2021, 15:37 NZDT
  • Still current at: 14 December 2021

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We currently advise that all New Zealanders do not travel overseas at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, associated health risks and widespread travel restrictions.

The global situation remains complex. International travel can be complicated with fewer international flights available and disruptions to transit routes and hubs. Any destination could experience a sudden increase in cases of COVID-19 and a heightened risk to travellers of contracting the virus. Strict health measures and movement restrictions could be imposed suddenly, particularly in response to new variants of concern. Should you decide to travel overseas at this time, be prepared to remain overseas longer than you intended. You should also be aware that your travel insurance may not cover travel disruption or medical expenses. Talk to your insurer about how sudden changes to the international travel environment might affect your insurance.

Managed Isolation and Quarantine in New Zealand
Travellers to New Zealand may be required to enter government-provided managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ). The length of your stay in MIQ may depend on where you are travelling from. Detailed information about MIQ requirements in New Zealand can be found at

Pre-departure testing requirements for travellers to New Zealand
Most travellers must have a negative pre-departure test result and approved documentation to enter New Zealand. Detailed information about pre-departure testing requirements can be found on the Unite Against COVID-19 website here.

We recognise that some New Zealanders do continue to live and travel overseas. We continue to provide destination-specific advice about other safety and security risks below.

United States of America

The United States Department of Homeland Security regularly issues terrorism-related advice and updates. For current alerts, see the US National Terror Advisory System webpage.

The United States remains a target of terrorist interest, both from international terror groups and from domestic-based extremists. Credible information assessed by US authorities indicates that individuals or groups have developed both the intent and capability to conduct terrorist attacks in the US. Attacks could be indiscriminate including places visited by foreigners.

New Zealanders in the United States are advised to keep themselves informed of potential risks to safety and security by monitoring the media and other local information sources. Follow any instructions issued by the local authorities and be aware of your surroundings in public places such as shopping malls, markets, monuments, tourist destinations, demonstrations, large gatherings and on public transport.

In the event of an attack, leave the area as soon as it is safe to do so.

Petty crime such as theft and pickpocketing can occur, particularly in urban centres, tourist locations and on public transport.New Zealanders should stay alert to their surroundings, stay vigilant on public transport and avoid leaving belongings unattended, including in rental vehicles.

You should avoid crossing the border by car into Mexico from Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. There have been increased incidents of crime associated with drug trading.

There is a higher incidence of violent crime and firearm possession than in New Zealand. In many states, it is legal for United States citizens to openly carry firearms in public. However, crime rates vary considerably across cities and suburbs and incidents rarely involve tourists. New Zealanders should take care when travelling in unfamiliar areas. Research your destination before travelling and seek local advice if you are concerned about levels of criminal activity.

Active shooter incidents occur in the United States. For advice on how to respond to an active shooter situation, please see the US Department of Homeland Security website.

Civil unrest and political tension
Protests and demonstrations regularly occur. We advise New Zealanders to follow any advice issued by the local authorities, monitor local media for developments and avoid all demonstrations, protests and rallies as even those intended as peaceful have the potential to result in violence.

General travel advice
Travellers from New Zealand to the United States should allow at least two hours when transiting from an international flight to a domestic flight due to increased security checks. The Transport Security Administration website provides guidance for airline passengers travelling to the United States.

Travellers carrying electronic devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, should be aware that these devices may be subject to security checks by United States border authorities.

Immigration regulations are strictly enforced. Overstaying can result in detention then deportation. See our United States travel tips.

New Zealanders travelling or resident in the United States should have comprehensive travel and medical insurance policies in place. Medical costs in the United States are extremely high and the New Zealand government cannot assist with medical expenses. 

New Zealanders in the United States are encouraged to register their travel with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Travel tips

The New Zealand Embassy Washington DC, United States of America

Street Address 37 Observatory Circle NW, Washington, DC 20008, United States of America Telephone +1 202 328 4800 Fax +1 202 667 5227 Email Web Site Hours Mon – Fri 0830 – 1700 hrs

The New Zealand Consulate-General Los Angeles, United States of America

Street Address Suite 600E, 2425 Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90404, United States of America Telephone +1 310 566 6555 Fax +1 310 566 6556 Email Web Site Hours Mon – Fri 0830 – 1300, 1330 – 1630 hrs

New Zealand Consulate-General Honolulu, United States of America

Street Address 733 Bishop Street, 2020, Honolulu, HI 96813 Telephone +1 808 675 5555 Fax +1 808 675 5561 Email

New Zealand Consulate-General New York, United States of America

Street Address 41st Floor, 295 Madison Ave, New York, 10017, United States of America Telephone +1 212 832 4038 Fax +1 212 832 7602 Hours Mon – Fri 0900 – 1230 hrs for consular calls

New Zealand Consulate Atlanta, United States of America

Street Address 47 Hawk Road 30263, Newnan, Georgia 30263, United States of America Telephone +1 (404) 525 2495 Email

New Zealand Consulate Boston, United States of America

Telephone +1 781 430 9996 Email

New Zealand Consulate Chicago, United States of America

Street Address 1223 Oakwood Lane, Glenview, IL 60025 Postal Address 1223 Oakwood Lane, 6400 Shafer Ct 60025, Glenview, IL Telephone +1 312-953 4251 Email

New Zealand Consulate Houston, United States of America

Street Address 4424 W. Sam Houston Pkwy North, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77041, United States of America Telephone +1 713 670 4384 Email

New Zealand Consulate Oregon, United States of America

Street Address 430 SW 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97205, United States of America Telephone +1 503 803 7129 Email

New Zealand Consulate Sacramento, United States of America

Street Address 44733 North El Macero Drive, El Macero, CA 95618 – 1066, United States of America Telephone +1 530 756 8013 Email

New Zealand Consulate Salt Lake City, United States of America

Street Address 1655 Linden Lane, Bountiful, UT 84010, United States of America Telephone +1 801 237 2664 (Direct), +1 801 296 2494 (Voicemail) Email

New Zealand Consulate San Francisco (Northern California), United States of America

Postal Address PO Box 1276, Burlingham, CA 94011- 1276, United States of America Telephone +1 (650) 342-4443 Email

New Zealand Consulate Seattle, United States of America

Street Address PO Box 51059 Seattle WA 98115, United States of America Telephone +1 206 257 1896 Fax +1 360 766 6791 Email

New Zealand Consulate Vermont, United States of America

Street Address 211 Ordway Shore Road, Shelburne, Vermont 05482, United States of America Telephone +1 (802) 489 5677 Email

See our regional advice for North America