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Source: Auckland Council

Vector Lights on Auckland’s harbour bridge, Tāmaki Paenga Hira – Auckland War Memorial Museum, the Sky Tower, Te Ara I Whiti – Light Path and the Quay Street Lights will shine bright yellow to mark the Super Saturday Vaxathon tomorrow (16 October).

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says lighting up these landmarks is another way of reminding people of the need for everyone who can to get vaccinated.

“Super Saturday brings a focus on vaccination being the best way for people to protect themselves, their families and other people in their community from COVID-19,” he says.

“It’s also the best way to allow authorities to safely remove the restrictions of high alert levels, and for us to get to enjoy a great Christmas, New Year and summer holiday.

“So if you haven’t been vaccinated yet, get out on Saturday and get it done. If you have been vaccinated, take the opportunity to encourage friends and family who haven’t to do so.”

Lighting times are as follows:

  • Vector Lights on the harbour bridge: 5am – 7am, 8pm – midnight
  • Quay St Lights: 5am – 7am, 8pm – midnight
  • Te Ara i Whiti Light Path: 6pm – 7am
  • SkyTower: 7pm – 6am
  • Tāmaki Paenga Hira Auckland War Memorial Museum: 7pm – 6am

After getting a vaccination on Saturday, one way to celebrate is to find a safe place to view the lights and reflect on how a united Auckland can achieve great things.