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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Attribute to Inspector Jacqui Whittaker, Tāmaki Makaurau Police

Police have charged 16 gang members and associates in relation to dangerous driving and antisocial behaviour on Auckland’s roads following a large funeral procession in June. 

Police have been making extensive follow up enquiries since the funeral for a gang member on June 18 caused concern and some disruption on the roads.

A majority of those partaking in the procession behaved within the road rules, however at times some of the group drove dangerously putting themselves and others at risk.

Police received a large amount of camera footage displaying some of the driving behaviour exhibited that day.

Those drivers are now being held accountable, and Police have laid 18 charges against 16 drivers.

Charges include Driving while Disqualified, Driving while Forbidden, Sustained loss of Traction and all 16 are due to appear in the Waitakere, Auckland, North Shore and Manukau District Courts in the coming weeks.

As a result of their enquiries to date, Police have also impounded two motorcycles and have issued 12 infringement notices for breaches of the Land Transport Act. 

Police will continue to identify drivers that may be liable for prosecution and if necessary, action further impoundments.

Inspector Jacqui Whittaker wants to thank those members of the public who came forward and reported such behaviour or provided footage. 

This was able to greatly assist the enquiry team in identifying those responsible and holding them to account.

Inspector Jacqui Whittaker says intervening in the event on the day would have caused risk to other road users not involved in the funeral procession and Police weren’t prepared to do that. 

“Police decision making when it comes to these types of events will always be about community safety,” she says.

“The driving behaviours of some presented a real risk to those involved as well as other road users and will not be tolerated. If you choose to put other motorists at risk through dangerous driving activity, such as sustained loss of traction, you can expect the Police to hold you to account and your vehicle may be impounded.”

Any concerning behaviour can be reported to Police by phoning 105.

As these matters are before the Court, Police are not in a position to comment further. 


Adriana Weber/NZ Police