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Source: New Zealand Police (National News)

Please attribute to Police Commissioner Andrew Coster:

As we enter the third week of alert level restrictions, Police are urging anyone experiencing abuse or violence to seek support.

Preliminary data shows the number of reported family harm incidents increased by 3.9 percent in week one of Alert Level 4 and 6.2 percent in week two.

While there has been a small increase, family harm reports fluctuate due to a range of external factors and the data remains within the normal range.

In the first week of Alert Level 4 last year, Police saw a distinct spike in reports of family harm.

While that is not the case this year, we know family harm incidents are typically underreported to Police and, in the current situation, it may be more difficult for some to reach out to us.

Alert level restrictions can put additional pressure on families and increase the risk of violence from a partner or family member.

That’s why we want anyone experiencing harm at home to know that Police are here to help, no matter the alert level.

If you feel scared, threatened or unsafe please call us on 111. If you cannot call, leave your bubble and ask a neighbour or passer-by to call for you.

We also urge anyone with concerns about a loved one or friend to call us on their behalf – you could be saving their life.

Checkpoints and Alert Level 3:

Police checkpoints South of Auckland ran smoothly overnight with light traffic and only a small number of vehicles turned around for non-essential travel.

While the number of vehicles moving through the checkpoints is expected to increase today, so far most motorists have had the correct documentation resulting in minimal wait times.

Further south, the transition to Alert Level 3 has also been smooth, however Police have noted a significant increase in traffic in some areas.

Remember, Alert Level 3 means we need to stay in our bubbles and continue working from home, where possible. Some additional retailers can reopen with restrictions in place to keep workers and customers safe.

Compliance update:

Police have been made aware of two people who flew out of Auckland without exemptions on Monday – one to Wellington and one to Dunedin.

We have been working with local public health officials to manage any risk and both people have been issued infringement notices.

As of 5pm yesterday, 139 people have been charged with a total of 148 offences nationwide since Alert Level 4 began.

Of the charges filed, 95 are for Failing to Comply with Order (COVID-19), 34 for Failure to Comply with Direction/Prohibition/Restriction, 15 for Health Act Breaches, and four for Assaults/Threatens/Hinders/Obstructs Enforcement Officer.

In the same time period, 374 people were warned for 377 offences. Of the formal warnings 144 were for Failing to Comply with Order (COVID-19), 122 for Failure to Comply with Direction/Prohibition/Restriction, 110 for Health Act Breaches, and one for Assaults/Threatens/Hinders/Obstructs Enforcement Officer.

Since 19 August 2021, Police have been issuing infringements for COVID-19 related breaches.

As at 5pm on 31 August 2021, Police have issued 2707 infringements nationwide.

• Person failed to remain at current home / residence – 2494
• Person failed to wear a face covering on premises – 56
• Person failed to comply with applicable physical distancing rule – 74
• Obstruct/Hinder Medical Officer of Health or Person Assisting Med Officer/Failing to Comply with Order (COVID-19) – 40
• Person failed to wear a face covering on public transport – 6
• Person in control of premises failed to close as required – 7
• Person in control of workplace failed to display QR code – 19
• Person organised a gathering in an outdoor place – 11

Police have now received a total of 14,003 online breach notifications – 8615 about a gathering, 4038 about a business, and 1350 about an individual.

In addition to the online breach notifications, a total of 8924 COVID-19 related calls were made to the 105-phone line.

The majority (6447) of calls were requests for information, and 2477 were to report perceived COVID-19 breaches.


Issued by Police Media Centre