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Source: University of Otago

Two of this years’ directors, Martha Telaiai and Ruby Anderson
The Capping Show is the longest running student revue in the world and discusses hot topics of importance to students from politics to pop-culture. This year was no different with a Harry Potter parody theme and a new creative team who looked forward to the beginners-call.
Martha Teleiai was one of the directors looking after the film aspect of the show. The Bachelor of Arts (Theatre Studies) student says the show is a highlight in the University calendar.
“It is such a cool event because it’s written by students, produced by students and for a student audience. My co-director and I filmed and edited sketches which were scheduled between the staged sketches and provided some comedic relief.”
“One thing I love about the show is it isn’t restricted to one major. Anyone can audition and you get to know people from across different degrees because you spend so much time together rehearsing.”
The comedy show is a 127-year-old tradition which attracts a large student audience each year and this year was made up of more than 30 sketches. Alongside the film sketches were the live ones which Bachelor of Law and Arts (Politics) student Ruby Anderson co-directed.
“My co-director and I were in charge of bringing the scripts to life on stage. Most of the scripts were written by our ensemble made up of six writers and a group of actors.”
Ruby says the project required an immense amount of work that has kept students busy.
“Last year we had six months to work on it as COVID-19 restrictions postponed the show. This year we had two months from writing the show to putting it on stage. I would say that’s a big thing to consider. While you’re committed for a short time it’s a hard and fast project.”
Both Ruby and Martha have enjoyed the opportunity to direct this year after being part of the team in previous years in other capacities. While it is a lot of work, Martha says it’s been an experience she has loved.
“This is my third year of being involved. My favourite part is getting to know people. As a director you pour your heart and soul into your vision for the Capping Show. The key to it running smoothly, really is good communication.”
The Capping Show ran from 13 to 21 May.