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Source: New Zealand Police (District News)

Attribute to Acting Senior Sergeant Christian Stainton, Whangarei Area Prevention Manager:

A recent spate of vehicle crime has Whangarei Police issuing a warning to motorists to lock up your vehicles and hide your valuables.

Police are aware of a recent increase in reported incidents of vehicles being stolen or broken into with valuables taken.

Targeted areas have included Kamo, Tikipunga and Morningside.

The vehicles targeted are generally either parked on the roadside, in driveways or front lawns that are easily visible and accessible from the street.

These vehicles typically have no security alarms and are often parked in poorly lit areas with no security lighting to deter offenders.

Police are investigating these incidents and have recently arrested a group of youths in relation to vehicle crime in Whangarei, however we are still seeing reports of vehicles being broken into.

Many of the vehicles have items of value in plain sight which create opportunities for offenders on the lookout for easy targets.

We know this as there has been several cases where multiple vehicles have been parked in the same location and only those with visible items have been targeted.

Please ensure you secure your vehicles, park in well-lit areas if on the street, or park down driveways where they are less visible from the roadside.

Always remove your valuables from your vehicles and consider vehicle alarms.

If you see any suspicious activity, such as people loitering around vehicles or looking into car windows, please contact Police immediately by phoning 111.


Nick Baker/NZ Police