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Source: Taxpayers Union

22 MARCH 2021FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is calling for the complete withdrawal of taxpayer funding for SkyPath, in light of reports suggesting the existing proposal is technically unfeasible.Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke “Suggestions of an entirely new bridge restricted to pedestrians and cyclists show how completely out-of-control the SkyPath agenda has become. NZTA is already investigating how to build a new crossing for heavy transport – a third taxpayer-funded crossing for a handful of wealthy lycra enthusiasts is just pie-in-the-sky stuff.”“The failure of SkyPath should come as a welcome development for the Government. It frees up $240 million. In fact, the business case for North Shore’s $120 million cycleway can also now be reviewed, considering it was justified based on its link to SkyPath. All up, $360 million could be freed from the Government coffers to benefit a wider range of taxpayers, whether that be with a second harbour crossing or even reductions in fuel tax.”“SkyPath devotees are welcome to develop new proposals, but they can do it without our money. SkyPath was originally pitched to Aucklanders as a self-funding, private initiative. We may see such a proposal rise from the ashes of the white elephant that SkyPath became.”A timeline of the increasing SkyPath budget:2010: $16 million, privately-funded2015: $33 million, privately-funded and underwritten by Auckland Council2018: $67 million, Government-funded2020: $360 million, Government-funded2021 separate bridge proposal: cost unknown