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Source: Taxpayers Union

17 MARCH 2021FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE“A councillor paid $92,000 does not need a top-up for childcare,” says New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Jordan Williams. “When the Remuneration Authority approved childcare allowances in 2019, we urged councils to reject the idea, warning that it would expand. We’re now seeing this as a self-entitled Councillor tries to argue she needs it to pay a relative to look after her kid. The left-wing unionists are also eyeing up the allowance for wider council staff.” “How many private sector employers would stump up $6,000 for a childcare package? This is the kind ‘generosity’ that you’d only see from an organisation spending other people’s money.” “I was brought up by a single Mum serving on a District and Regional Council before I was even school aged. The idea that ratepayers should be responsible for hiring a nanny is nonsense. Cr Thomson needs to reign in her extraordinary entitlement.”