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By former NZ cricket coach and captain Glenn Turner

Wanaka – Sportspeoples’ reactions to the covid-19 restrictions, has in many cases been regrettable.

Governments the world over are doing everything possible to have some top-level sport played to occupy the masses through some tough times and for the players, team brands, broadcasters, advertisers and events’ business owners to make money.

But, the inability of some in sport to understand the opportunity is missing.

Surely one of the important lessons learnt from this pandemic, is the need for administrations to take responsibility for briefing their teams and players before leaving their shores.

They need to be made fully aware of their responsibilities on arrival and during their stay in those countries. An understanding that rules and expectations can change at any moment and to accept unequivocal cooperation in going along with what is expected of them.

There are already too many examples to mention that have tarnished the reputation of sport and some of its players, administrators, ceos and managers. It’s revealed excessive degrees of entitlement and discloses sport and money being valued above saving people’s lives. Money surely has no conscience and unfortunately nor do some who dictate where it’s spent.

Sportspeople need to understand they have an advantageous position, where so many people have jumped through hoops to allow them to play their games.

If the green light continues to shine, in a mere six months’ time, the biggest sporting event of them all , the Olympics Games is programmed to proceed. It will be a good gauge as to just how much human life matters.

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