Covid pandemic helping accelerate switch to agri-technology

Source: Christchurch – The covid pandemic, and some empty supermarket shelves at various points of lockdown, has raised the issue of food supply moving...

NZ economy can benefit from producing plant-based meat

Source: Christchurch – New Zealand’s economy could benefit substantially if it listens to billionaire Bill Gates’ plea to countries, to shift away from environmentally...

A landmark day in NZ’s climate change commitment

Source: Christchurch – Sunday, January 31, must be seen as a red-letter day in New Zealand’s climate change history.  Much is being speculated and...

Covid and sport

Source: By former NZ cricket coach and captain Glenn Turner Wanaka – Sportspeoples’ reactions to the covid-19 restrictions, has in many cases been regrettable. Governments the world...

Climate change an economic issue; critical for the planet’s future

Source: Christchurch – The Lord Mayor of Darwin, Kon Vatskalis, says climate change is an economic issue and is critical to their city’s future. He...

Is New Zealand rugby’s condition asymptomatic?

Source: Christchurch – Without pontificating too much, there could be many reasons why New Zealand rugby’s customary success is waning if, in fact, it...
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