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Source: Taxpayers Union

19 JANUARY 2021FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEACC Minister Carmel Sepuloni must confirm whether the Government supports ACC’s apparent policy to make payouts for illegal overstayers, says the New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union.Union spokesman Jordan Williams says, “Since when was it ACC policy to make payouts to illegal overstayers? ACC’s refusal to explain this is a failure of transparency and a slap in the face of levy-paying New Zealanders who feel they have been wrongfully denied compensation.”“While New Zealanders will have immense sympathy for the victim’s family, many will also be appalled that an illegal overstayer seemingly has the same rights as New Zealanders who pay tax and levies into the ACC system. The Minister, Carmel Sepuloni, must explain how this became the policy, and if she agrees with it.”Editor’s note:Reporting on the case of Yu Xingming, the Herald reported:An ACC spokesman said no comment would be made about compensation rights for illegal workers because the agency was concerned the information would be applied by the Herald to Yu’s individual case.The Herald gave ACC an assurance this would not happen and said the information was wanted to providers readers a general understanding of how the system worked. ACC has continued to refuse to provide the information and an Official Information Act request has been lodged.