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Source: Taxpayers Union

15 JANUARY 2021FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe Reserve Bank Governor’s apology and claim he will ‘own the issue’ is laughable given the lack of answers and timing of its release. Jordan Williams, a spokesman for the Taxpayers’ Union said:“It’s been five days since they came clean, and we still don’t know what personal and financial information has been disclosed to criminals. There is no reason to withhold what information was held on the system that the Bank didn’t keep secure.  The delay, and timing of today’s statement, stinks of arse and Orr covering.””Here’s another question for the Governor: are media reports that the Bank knew about the vulnerability but failed to install a patch accurate? According to the software provider it contacted the Bank in mid-December, and flagged the patch as “P0″, the most urgent type, indicating a vulnerability that could be classified as a worst-case scenario.”“When a CEO says he’s owning an issue, that is often code for ‘I’m not going to hold anyone accountable’.  That cannot be justified given the Reserve Bank basically left the vault unlocked despite being warned.  It calls into question, yet again for this Governor, his judgement and suitability for the role.”