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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health


This document provides evidence-based population health advice on healthy eating and being physically active.

The document is written for health practitioners and others who provide advice on nutrition and physical activity for New Zealand adults. The document:

  • brings together the eating and physical activity statements, outlining each statement and why it is recommended
  • identifies the international evidence that underpins the statements
  • provides some information for putting the statements into practice.

Download the full document here:

You can also read our general Questions and answers (Word, 41 KB) or visit our Eating and Activity Guidelines section for supporting information on the guidelines.


Summary of Guidelines Statements and Key Related Information

This resource summarises the key information from the Eating and Activity Guidelines for New Zealand Adults. It covers what the guidelines recommend, why and gives suggestions on how to put the recommendations into practice.

Topical Questions and Answers

This resource provides answers on some topical issues around eating (nutrition) and physical activity. The responses are based on the Ministry of Health’s monitoring of international research. Any new research is considered alongside the existing body of evidence and best international population health advice.

What’s Changed?

The Eating and Activity Guidelines for New Zealand Adults replace the Food and Nutrition Guidelines for Adults and Movement = Health physical activity guidelines. This resource describes key changes from the old to the new advice.