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Source: Taxpayers Union

The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is welcoming confirmation that previous claims by Napier Mayor Kirsten Wise that Council CEO Wayne Jack ‘resigned’ were untrue. Further, the Taxpayers’ Union welcomes overdue public disclosure of the amount agreed to be paid in a golden handshake deal.Taxpayers’ Union spokesperson Jordan Williams says, “From the outset, the Mayor has misled ratepayers by stating that Mr Jack ‘resigned’. After over a year of deliberate obscuring of the truth, ratepayers finally have clarity — the Mayor was lying and an incompetent CEO was cashing in.””It’s never a resignation when you’re paying them to do it.””This is ratepayer money, and ratepayers should not have been forced to cough up for a golden goodbye. This payment was the equivalent of about 147 Napier ratepayers’ annual rates.””Mr Jack’s obscene $4000 ratepayer-funded farewell morning tea was frankly more than enough.”