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Source: Taxpayers Union

22 SEPTEMBER 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEThe New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has released a list of questions that should be asked at tonight’s TVNZ leaders’ debate – and at tonight’s separate finance debate in Queenstown. Questions for Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins: Is tax theft – or love? Would you rule out a return to level 4 lockdown under any circumstances? Is elimination still your COVID-19 strategy? When will taxpayers find out what’s happening with Ihumātao? How much of our money will you fork out for the land? What actions should central government take when local councils become dysfunctional? Will you support recall election proposals supported by Local Government NZ and the Taxpayers’ Union? Is this the most open and transparent Government ever? How would you increase transparency?Will you rule out a wealth tax under your leadership, regardless of your coalition partners? What about a death tax? Or new sin taxes, like on sugar? Will you continue policies that give handouts for individual businesses, or will you pursue broad economic relief? Will you rule out a bailout for Tiwai Point? Are New Zealanders overtaxed, or undertaxed? The median house price is $675,000 – and almost a million in Auckland. Would you work to change this? How? Questions for Grant Robertson and Paul Goldsmith: How much should the government spend as a proportion of GDP? Are you comfortable with the projected $149,600 in per-household government debt for 2033/34? How will you pay it back? Will your Government freeze – or roll back – fuel taxes? Spot test: name five spending items that your government would abolish. What will you do with the remaining $14 billion in the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund? Will you adjust income tax brackets for inflation? If not, why not? Will you increase New Zealanders’ access to their own money held in KiwiSaver? Spot test: name three regulatory taxes you would roll back or abolish. Would your party support a temporary cut to GST like the United Kingdom did for VAT after the Global Financial Crisis? Who should make individual funding decisions – politicians or officials?How will your Government make superannuation more affordable for taxpayers? Will you lift the age, means test, or something else? Would your Government make corporates owned by religious organisations pay tax? Do you accept that company tax in New Zealand is too high?