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Source: Taxpayers Union

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling out RNZ for not having a single right wing voice amidst its chorus of left wing political commentators announced for its election night coverage.The panellists include:
Tau Henare (Independent Maori Statutory Board)
Julia Whaipooti (Drug Foundation and Human Rights Commission)
Peter Dunne (former United Future Leader)
Amy Adams (outgoing centrist National MP)
Sue Bradford (Auckland Action Against Poverty)
Bryce Edwards (Victoria University)
David Cormack (former Green Party advisor)
Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says: “RNZ simply no longer takes its duty of political balance seriously.”“Up until only a few weeks ago, RNZ had the Prime Minister’s TV debate coach literally providing political commentary without even disclosing the connection.  It shuns plenty of right wing voices on the basis that they are ‘too political’, but welcomes every left wing radical it can think of.”“We are all forced to pay for RNZ.  The state broadcaster has legal obligations to be politically neutral and provide a diversity of opinion. It speaks volumes of the organisation that it consistently chooses to ignore its legal obligations.”“This election night panel is diverse only in the sense of how left wing the panelists are. Including two token centrists is not enough to balance the radicals and lefties. Instead of broad opinion and insight, RNZ listeners enjoy a ‘safe space’ for a left wing world view.  For election night coverage, that is not on.”