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Source: Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA)

A unique opportunity to be part of the team breaking down the barriers to women in leadership

PPTA women will be taking part in a unique opportunity to help break down the barriers women face accessing leadership roles in secondary education.

The Women in Leadership summit will be held on 8 and 9 October at the Rydges Hotel in Wellington. It is one of a number of significant proposals that came out of the $12 million teacher professional learning and development fund that formed part of our 2019 collective agreement. The fund is administered by PPTA.

PPTA women’s officer Liz Robinson is excited to be part of the project.

PPTA always active in fighting for women’s rights 

“PPTA has always been active in fighting for women’s rights and access to better working conditions. This summit will focus on the rights of women to have equal opportunities to take on positions of leadership,” she said.

The summit will be multi-pronged and participants will be actively involved in developing solutions, Liz said. “It could be a number of different things, from drafting changes to legislation right through to running workshops and setting up women’s networks in the regions.”

Creating equitable access to leadership positions 

The summit in October will use the results of research being conducted now by the New Zealand Council for Educational Research to develop real life, practical ways of creating equitable access to leadership positions, recognising that leadership can mean different things to different people.

“Leadership isn’t just about being a principal or a senior leader, it could mean pastoral leadership or taking up roles in the union. We want women teachers to have equitable access to whatever position they desire,” Liz said.

Opportunities to get involved after the summit 

“We expect the research to highlight a lot of what we already know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. We look forward to better insight and the possible solutions that will come from it.”

The Women in Leadership summit is a women-only event with very limited places, which have already been filled. There will be opportunities to get involved after the summit however and we will be in touch about this.

More information can be found here: Women in Leadership summit ( 

Last modified on Tuesday, 15 September 2020 11:28