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Source: Human Rights Commission

Disability Pride Week (14 to 20 September 2020) is a chance for disabled New Zealanders to celebrate and be celebrated for our talents and potential, achievements and contributions to our communities.  

We want to live in an Aotearoa New Zealand that is inclusive, caring, and where disability is considered a valuable part of diversity. 

With COVID-19, 2020 has thrown extra challenges at the 1 in 4 New Zealanders who are disabled. Our communities have risen to the occasion in building on existing relationships and networks to raise concerns and create solutions, connect with each other, and reach out with support.  

COVID-19 has also highlighted the existing gaps that disabled people face such as in poor employment prospects, lack of access to necessary supports, transport, and education. The COVID-19 gave all New Zealanders a taste of what many disabled people experience daily. We must be visible in strategy and policy as the country continues to respond to COVID-19 and in recovery efforts.  

The 2020 theme like last year’s in readiness for the local body elections, is ‘Setting the Agenda’. The lead up to next month’s General Election and two referendum presents opportunities for us to have our issues aired in debates and to influence party policy. 

We can also think more generally about disability pride this week. Here are some conversation starters: 

What would Aotearoa look like if disability was celebrated? 

What would Aotearoa look like if you always felt seen and accepted as a disabled person? 

To find out more about Disability Pride Week and what’s on go to the website

If you would like to share a Disability Pride story contact the Human Rights Commission through the Proud to be Me website

“We are setting the agenda, showcasing our creativity, proud of ourselves and our communities.” 

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