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Source: Taxpayers Union

7 SEPTEMBER 2020FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEResponding to the Labour Party’s announcement that it will create a new public holiday for Matariki, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union spokesman Jordan Williams says:“An additional public holiday is a blatant tax on employers, who will be forced to pay workers for a day off. It will also reduce overall productivity, which means a smaller economy and fewer jobs. An economic recession is the worst time to introduce this kind of regulatory tax.”“If the intention is to acknowledge the cultural significance of Matariki, there’s an opportunity for a middle road: introduce the new holiday, but scrap Labour Day, an obsolete hangover from international Marxism that most New Zealanders just consider to be a day off.”The concept of an International Workers’ Day (also known as Labour Day) began its spread after a resolution by the Marxist International Socialist Congress in Paris, 1889.