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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health



This code applies to all activities (eg, scientific research) associated with the use of unsealed radioactive material but excluding activities defined in the Code of Practice for Veterinary Radiation (ORS C9) and the Code of Practice for Nuclear Medicine (ORS C2). Activities can include the dispensing, possession, control, management, use, storage, import, export, sale, supply, discharge and disposal of radioactive material and equipment.


This code is replacing the existing code CSP1 (Use of unsealed radioactive material). An important consideration of this type of radioactive material is disposal, and the IAEA International Basic Safety Standards requires regulatory bodies to set out acceptable values for disposal. Therefore, this code imposes clear disposal obligations in Appendix 4 of this code.

Consultation process

In October 2019, the Ministry released a document for public consultation on the proposed wording of this code. The consultation period closed on 22 November 2019.