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Source: New Zealand Ministry of Health



This code applies to activities associated with self-shielded gamma irradiators, panoramic wet source storage gamma irradiators and electron beam irradiators. The common uses of these irradiations in New Zealand are for blood irradiation or animal vaccination processing. Activities can include the manufacture, possession, control, management, use, storage, import, export, sale, supply and disposal of radiation sources.


There was no code of practice issued under the old Radiation Protection Act 1965 that is specific to sources and activities within the scope of this code. This new code issued under the Radiation Safety Act 2016 sets out specific requirements for each type of irradiator, training and testing to provide organisations with more detail about how to operationalise the fundamental requirements.

Consultation process

In October 2019, the Ministry released a document for public consultation on the proposed wording of this code. The consultation period closed on 22 November 2019.