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Source: New Zealand Parliament – Oral Questions and Answers

TODD MULLER to the Prime Minister: Does she have confidence in her Minister of Health?

Hon PAUL GOLDSMITH to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by all of his statements and policies in relation to the economy?

GREG O’CONNOR to the Minister of Finance: What recent reports has he seen on the New Zealand economy in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Hon MICHAEL WOODHOUSE to the Minister of Health: Can he confirm Ministry of Health guidelines dated 9 June that people can only apply for compassionate leave from managed isolation after they have completed seven days of managed isolation and had a negative COVID-19 test; if so, how many days of managed isolation did the two confirmed COVID-19 cases announced yesterday complete before they left on 13 June?

Hon JUDITH COLLINS to the Minister for Economic Development: Does he stand by his statement in the House yesterday that “There is a long, long list of projects in the Government pipeline of infrastructure projects, including housing and roads and schools and health and rail —far too many to take up all the time of the House recounting”, and which of these projects, if any, will begin before the general election?

MARJA LUBECK to the Minister of Education: What measures is the Government putting in place to help employers to keep apprentices earning and learning?

BRETT HUDSON to the Minister of Police: On what date was he first made aware that the firearm licensing vetting procedure for the Christchurch shooter may have been deficient, and what actions, if any, did he take to ensure that the firearm licence regime’s integrity was upheld?

CHRIS BISHOP to the Minister of Transport: Is he still “reasonably confident”, as stated in the House on 12 March 2020, that Cabinet will consider the recommendations from the Ministry of Transport on Auckland light rail before the general election; and has he seen reports from the Rt Hon Winston Peters that it is “clear as daylight” that Auckland light rail will not get Cabinet sign-off before the general election?

CHLÖE SWARBRICK to the Minister for Climate Change: What are the Government’s next steps for climate change action now that the Climate Change Response (Emissions Trading Reform) Amendment Bill has passed?

NICOLA WILLIS to the Minister of Housing: How many additional KiwiBuild homes, if any, will be built in the delayed Monark housing development as a result of her decision last week to increase the Government underwrite for that project from $19 million to $40 million, and will she extend taxpayer-backed underwrites to other private housing developments at risk of delay or failure?

ANAHILA KANONGATA’A-SUISUIKI to the Minister of Health: What recent announcements has the Government made about improving healthcare for South Aucklanders?

Dr SHANE RETI to the Minister of Employment: What groups do his employment programmes target, and against what outcomes will he measure their performance?

Answers to these questions are delivered from 2pm (New Zealand time) on the day of tabling. The answers can be accessed in text form, once Hansard is finalised, by clicking here.