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Source: Opinion Compare

A snap poll of Parents from leading market research Opinion Compare reveals that while parents are relatively confident about their child’s education in the current climate, there’s considerable time and effort from their perspective enabling this. An overnight poll of parents (n=108) conducted on the 15th of April, revealed the parents are expecting to allocate over 12 hours per week helping the home schooling of their children.
Table: With many schools setting up online learning for students, how confident are you feeling about your child’s education in the current climate?
Very confident 18%
Somewhat confident 40%
Not sure 27%
Not confident 15%
Parents were also asked the number of hours they estimated they would be required in the home schooling of their children of their children; with a national average of 12.5 hours per week.
And it’s a time burden the Kiwi parent is shouldering alone – for the time being. While 89% of parents interviewed were aware that the Ministry of Education had partnered with TVNZ to deliver entertaining education programming for children, only a third of parents intended to use this as part of their child’s learning.
Table: Do you intend to use this home learning channel as part of your child(ren)’s learning?
Not sure 45%
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare, said “this overnight snap poll validates what a number of Kiwi parents are thinking and feeling – it’s new and uncharted and a day to day proposition when it comes to home schooling. It’s encouraging that there’s a majority of parents feeling confident about their child’s education but we would hope this figure increases in days / weeks as we get used to the new normal’.
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