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Source: MIL-OSI Submissions

Source: Opinion Compare

Overnight research from Opinion Compare shows that while the initial concerns the Kiwi population expressed about lockdown have decreased, there’s close to half the population (48%) want out, with a similar percentage of the population (44%) who believe there will be loosening of restrictions next week. A nationally representative survey of n=712 New Zealanders 18+ conducted on the 15th of April were asked to track their behaviours and concerns during the 4 week Lockdown and thoughts and wishes for the proposed 22nd of April end of Lockdown.
Table: Concerns During Lockdown Period (attached)
Asked to nominate the likelihood of the country coming down from Level 4 lockdown, it appears that while everyone has an opinion but no consensus.
Table: In your opinion, how likely is it that New Zealand will come down from Level 4 lockdown on the 22nd of April
Extremely likely 7%
Somewhat likely 37%
Not sure 16%
Somewhat unlikely 28%
Extremely unlikely 12%
However when asked what they personally wanted to happen next week, close to half of all Kiwis want Level 4 gone.
Table: Do you want to come out of Level 4 Lockdown next week?
Not sure 20%
Gavin Male, CEO of Opinion Compare, said “while the initial fears we captured in Week 1 of Lockdown are subsiding, there’s a clear desire from the average Kiwi to come out of Level 4 next week. This research has also tracked the sentiment and evaluation of Jacinda Arden, which is incredibly positive. It will be interesting to see how she handles and communicates what’s happening next week to a population that is clearly eager to see the end of Level 4.”
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