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Source: Taxpayers Union

Napier City Council is reportedly negotiating a nearly $1 million payout for departing CEO Wayne Jack.
The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union has launched a petition against the reported near-$1 million exit package for Napier City Council CEO Wayne Jack. The petition can be signed at Union spokesman Louis Houlbrooke says, “Considering the CEO is only two years into his term, it’s obvious councillors have lost confidence in him. And who could blame them, considering he used council resources to monitor their Facebook pages. That’s not to mention his track record of committing extravagant sums of ratepayer money to pet projects which haven’t made it off the ground – like his $23 million velodrome and $41 million aquatic centre.” “The problem is this assumption that departing CEOs need or deserve massive payouts.  If Councillors are unhappy with his performance – and they have every reason to be – then they should skip the nicety and cost of a managed exit, and simply sack the guy.” “How many ratepayers would ever receive an exit package worth triple their annual salary? Mr Jack has spent seven years being paid around $300,000 – an extra million is a punch in the guts for Napier ratepayers.”