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Source: Taxpayers Union

Sir Peter Jackson – New Zealand’s biggest welfare bludger – should front-up
9 February 2020
For immediate release
The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on Sir Peter Jackson to front up and explain the megabucks his company has been pocketing from taxpayers through corporate welfare subsides, and his company’s reported efforts to try and stop the public exposé of the payment amounts.
Responding to the NZ Herald’s reporting today, Jordan Williams said:
“No wonder Weta and Sir Peter Jackson wanted to keep this secret.  He has taken taxpayers for a ride.”
“This is the ultimate in socialism for the rich and blows to bits any arguments that subsidies make sense from an economic perspective.”
“For every job created, $25,000 per year of taxpayer money is being funnelled to Peter Jackson’s entities. The whole thing looks like a ruse.”
“In 2017, we exposed that the per household annual cost of the Government’s various corporate welfare schemes is $931.  These new figures show just how out of control this crony capitalism has become.”